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The official page for the COLONIZER BS culture jamming project. Use these stickers to name pieces of media which further narratives of settler colonialism, racism, or white saviorism, then leave them in place to disrupt the narrative.

Each order comes with either 10 or 25 high-quality glossy-coated vinyl stickers, an instructional guide, and a copy of the COLONIZER BS manifesto.

Orders are shipped in quantities of 10 and 25. Due to the impact of shipping on the environment, we cannot in good conscience ship fewer than 10 stickers. If you would like a higher quantity than 10 or 25, feel free to select multiple of the given quantity until you attain the quantity you desire. Each duplicate order will contain the full package duplicated for no extra cost. Shipping included with price of order. All orders ship USPS First-Class Mail from Boston, MA.

If you are a community or cultural organization which uplifts Black, indigenous, or a person of color, e-mail Hassan to inquire about a discount.

For the most current updates on the project, be sure to follow the project on Instagram @colonizer.bs

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