Photography: Omari Spears (@ o.shoots )

Photography: Omari Spears (@o.shoots)


Hassan Ghanny is a writer, performer, and music journalist who currently resides in Boston, MA. He writes at the intersections of media, identity, culture with an intention to uplift people of color, empower people in diasporas, and address trauma and enjoin healing. He is a regular writer for Boston Hassle. His writing has been featured in Cuepoint, Tenderly, Burnt Roti and INTO. (For his full writing portfolio, click here.)

Hassan hails from the 973, can cook you up a mean batch of vegetable curry on demand, knows how to deconstruct critical theory and also ride the dollar bus, and is available as both a features writer and a freelance baklava taster. He enjoys articulating the radical and revolutionary potential of Eurodance and 2000s era women pop and RnB singers as a hobby. He is currently working on an anthology of short fiction entitled DIASPORA GOTHIC as well as on perfecting his tostones technique.

Follow Hassan on Twitter @hassan_ghanny and Instagram @diaspora.gothic for more.